Welcome to my online portfolio.

I’m a final year journalism and marketing student pursuing a career that ignites creative license.  I’m fascinated by the arts, psychology and media, but more importantly, their capacity to initiate change.

During my studies, I have developed an acumen for neuromarketing research techniques and analyses, mass communication research and fashion entrepreneurship inducing case development of sustainable business models and practices.

My studies have been prolonged by my lust for travelling the globe, which is evidently the source of my somewhat inappropriate tales of a twenty-something traveller and the complementing tomfoolery.

Here you’ll find an interesting assortment of ramblings ranging from unsuccessful Tinder dates to academic essays exploring the implications of Facebook’s algorithmic culture and the future of mass media society. I hope to expand my somewhat whimsical offerings to encompass local art, music and cultural affairs.

Don’t be a starfish, please provide feedback and let me know what does and doesn’t work.

Enjoy x